Meet the Chef

Edniscocreamy creations began in the home of the amazing Mrs. Edna Wanda (as with most catering businesses). Chef Edna first learned how to cook from her grandmother who owned a chicken parlor opposite the most prestigious Ayaba hotel. Another person who also influenced her culinary skills is her mother who use to hawk food while carrying Edna and her brother on her hip. From hawking she opened her first restaurant where little Edna (age 7) started helping out in the kitchen. The journey to becoming a chef took a new turn when her mom become sick, and she took upon herself to become the head chef at her mom's restaurant close to the University of Buea (Cameroon). To the amazement of their customers, little Edna's food tasted exactly like her moms'!

In 2007 just after moving to the US, Mrs. Wanda began her American culinary journey as a private chef to a Jewish family for over 6 years while pursing her educational dreams. In addition to being a private chef, Mrs Wanda used to supply 250 pieces of meatpie daily to the seven eleven close to her then apartment in Silver Spring, MD.  From private chef of one family, she was recommended to become the chef of many more Jewish families but later stopped due to the excessive pressure of school. 

Just like Jonah ran away from his assignment when God sent him to Nineveh, Mrs. Wanda had tried running away from her culinary destiny. She ventured into other fields including information technology yet the passion for serving people through food kept drawing her back to the kitchen. Her company was officially founded in July 2018 in Prince George’s County, MD and is a licensed, full-service, off-premises catering facility that provides quality food and service to the corporate and social clientele in the Washington metropolitan area. She is back to being a private chef to her Jewish families while catering fulltime. 

Although her food taste heavenly, Chef Edna believes that the people who work with her have everything to do with the success of an event and with the satisfaction of her customers. Her company is composed of friendly, caring, courteous, and concerned individuals who enjoy serving you with a taste of heaven from our kitchen.